Our Ceiling is installed

It took over 6 hours but the two guys installing the dry wall on the ceiling finished. Now it is starting to feel like a dinning room. Things are going along without any problems and I like it that way.

Our Bar is installed at Union Hill Kitchen

I do hope the residents of Chamblee Ga, enjoy a good wine or hand crafted cocktail. Our bar had been installed and I have been experimenting with cocktail recipes for the past several months. We decided to use a stain paint on the newly built bar. My father said he wanted to help and was […]

Union Hill Kitchen’s 50% approval inspection passed.

I’ve been nervous about having the city inspectors come by and inspect the wall, electric and plumbing “rough in”. We passed without my issues. Our ceilings are installed on the kitchen and and after seven months of darkness and no lights – we finally have light in our kitchen. I feel accomplished at this moment. […]

A break from work: laughing with Tony Tripole

This past week I went to a benefit at Blake’s on the Park in Atlanta and met Tony Tripoli. He is one of the stars of “Joan & Melissa: Joan knows best?” He is a funny comedian and one of the writers for E Television’s hit show “Fashion Police”. My mother and father were with […]

Flower bins are painted

A few weeks ago we planted these containers that we purchased from the Feed Store. It provides a nice pause point visually while sitting in the bar. Now we’ve painted the with an ecru oil paint to blend in with the building. Once the flowers bloom they will be the perfect greeting for my clients.

Breaking concrete @ Union Hill Kitchen

Construction is coming along slowly but surely. We had to cut the concrete floors in the restaurant to accommodate our grease traps. The City of Chamblee seem anxious for us to open our doors but with anything that us worthwhile, it takes time to execute correctly. Now they have to dig out almost ten inches […]

Smoked Pork

This Weekend my father asked if I would smoke some pork – Cuban style. We cut some rosemary and used the rosemary as a bed for the pork. The pork received a little bit of the scent of the rosemary. There is something special about cooking with your family that is stressful and memorable at […]

Planting containers at Union Hill Kitchen

Outside our restaurant doors we planted several containers with rosemary and other flowering shrubs. It sets off the path by our front door and provides some privacy as well.

Union Hill Kitchen’s walls have started being built

After a very slow start, the top of the morning begins with the guys framing out the walls in the kitchen. It feels like we are going some where now. This view is from our kitchen.

Union Hill Kitchen’s phone is installed.

Not much cooking going on here today, but our new phone line at the restaurant is being installed.

Chive flowers are easy to use in the kitchen

I have lots of chives at our farm and in our restaurant garden. When the chives bloom is spring, the petals can be used in many applications. One of them is making a crostini with goat cheese cream and I lay one or two chive blossoms on top. The purple blossom has an explosive flavor […]

Pear Tree in Our Kitchen Garden Has Pears

I went out early this morning and saw that our pear tree has hundreds of pears. How lucky am I to have a tree like this to pick ripe fruit from to make wonderful things with in the kitchen.

Planting a summer flower cutting garden

I decided to add a couple of extra boxes I order to have fresh cut flowers for the restaurant when it opens in a couple of months. I am so thankful for dirt and rain – and the magic they do in a garden.

Putting in booths and chairs at Union Hill Kitchen

Since I am now waiting for the the city to approve my plans, I decided to fool around with seating arrangements to see how to best place the tables.

Union Hill kitchen plans

I have been working feverishly trying to get all the approvals I need from the county officials to the city hall. I need approvals from the fire marshal , water management, health department and the City of Chamblee. I am still not approved by the fire department but persistence is one characteristic of success.

Glaad Gala Atlanta

I will be cooking for the Glaad Gala in Atlanta on October 6th.  It is an honor to be cooking for this event.  The night promises to be a star-studded evening.  Kettle One Vodka drinks will be featured that evening and the cast from the Vampire Diaries will be there as well as other celebrities. […]

Vintage cookie Jars

    I have received messages from my friends on twitter asking if I would take pictures of some of the items I look at when I venture out on the weekends to the consignment stores.  This past weekend I saw lots of stuff. The amount of vintage cookie jars that was in this store […]

Great buys at a thrift store.

  One of the things I enjoy in my monthly routine is making trips to the local second-hand stores in Atlanta or Indiana.  I go there to find anything that I might be able to use for dinner parties such as  vases, candle holders, plates cups, glasses and serving dishes. I look for anything that […]

San Paulo and its amazing architecture

São Paulo Chefalexishernandez.com

  São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil the largest city in the southern hemisphere.  Amazing structures scrape the sky from morning till dusk. The architecture of São Paulo is a dizzying array of style, ingenuity and vision. Sky scrapers, high rise and mid-rise structures stand together as a testament to the works of the  […]

Favorite Restaurants in Atlanta

Star Provisions 1198 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, Ga 30318 You can purchase many specialty ingredients for your own culinary creations or just grab some summer beet salad while on the go. Anise Cafe & Bistro 2974 Grandview Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30305 This place is tucked away in the busy town of Buckhead.  This is […]