Flower bins are painted

A few weeks ago we planted these containers that we purchased from the Feed Store. It provides a nice pause point visually while sitting in the bar. Now we’ve painted the with an ecru oil paint to blend in with the building. Once the flowers bloom they will be the perfect greeting for my clients.

Breaking concrete @ Union Hill Kitchen

Construction is coming along slowly but surely. We had to cut the concrete floors in the restaurant to accommodate our grease traps. The City of Chamblee seem anxious for us to open our doors but with anything that us worthwhile, it takes time to execute correctly. Now they have to dig out almost ten inches […]

Vodka Infusions Strawberry & Lemon

I’ve been experimenting with infusing vodkas with the flavors and scents of summer. Some fresh strawberries and lemon rind will be a great summer vodka strawberry lemonade at Union Hill Kitchen. Take 12 strawberries remove the stems and quarter them. You should have about 2 cups. Add the strawberries and the rind of one lemon […]

Planting containers at Union Hill Kitchen

Outside our restaurant doors we planted several containers with rosemary and other flowering shrubs. It sets off the path by our front door and provides some privacy as well.

New life for the classic meatloaf

I have been experimenting with classic recipes and giving them a contemporary twist. I made this meatloaf in a cake pan with laminated dough balls on top to soak up the sauce. I think it’s pretty interesting.

Planting a summer flower cutting garden

I decided to add a couple of extra boxes I order to have fresh cut flowers for the restaurant when it opens in a couple of months. I am so thankful for dirt and rain – and the magic they do in a garden.

Putting in booths and chairs at Union Hill Kitchen

Since I am now waiting for the the city to approve my plans, I decided to fool around with seating arrangements to see how to best place the tables.

My lecture at Purdue University

I was invited to be a guest speaker and judge for Purdue University’s Broiler Culinary Throwdown. A yearly event in which students in different academic concentrations compete in a make shift kitchen. Amazing food was made at this event. I was excited to meet all the students and especially the Agriculture and Food Science students.

Union Hill kitchen plans

I have been working feverishly trying to get all the approvals I need from the county officials to the city hall. I need approvals from the fire marshal , water management, health department and the City of Chamblee. I am still not approved by the fire department but persistence is one characteristic of success.

Mc Manis 2010 vintage Viognier

Spotted a deal for my wine living friends. This wine is under $12.00 and is great for summer. I snagged mine for $8.99 at Kroger on piedmont. Peachy and hints of melon. Goes well with burgers or other grilled foods.

The fruits of Summer!

              Our pear tree in Atlanta has lots of pears this year! Even though they are not ripe…20 or 30 pears have fallen to the floor and I have picked most of them up to make some jam. Growing up in Union City, N.J. I never thought that I […]

Uses for coffee grounds

I have tried to find a use for things I would normally throw away.  Being a chef in Atlanta, I do that with just about every piece of food I make.  I can’t throw away food in the kitchen; I have to find a way to use it in my dishes. One of the things […]

Growing Vegetables in your back yard HGTV style.

    A month ago, I decided to build some growing boxes in my back yard.  The growing boxes will look like very large shoe boxes.  At my farm I have over 35 boxes.  Most of the are rectangular but I have built some square ones as well.  I got the idea for building the […]

Top ten tips for Grilling this summer.

      Nothing else says summer has arrived like grilling outside!   Whether you grill by gas, fire or wood there is nothing like a gooey cheese burger that’s being finished off on the grill.   Another aspect I like about grilling is that you don’t heat up your house or dirty pans in […]