Sweet home Alabama & bologna cake

Someone asked me if I had a good recipe for Bologna cake.  I told this person that I would love to share one of my recipes with them but I had no idea nor have I ever heard of something called Bologna cake.  I was not sure if it was a dessert or if it used cake flour or regular flour.  I was at a loss for words.

I think it is funny when situations in your life come to a full circle and you will understand what I am referring to very soon.

A couple of months ago I was at my farm and I was watching the movie, Sweet Home Alabama – staring Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas, and Patrick Dempsey.  I have watched this film more than a dozen times and I like watching it because it’s a love story gone bad and it reminds us to remember who we are when we are becoming who we should be in life.  There was a scene that I have seen many times and this particular time I heard one of the characters say that they wanted a piece of bologna cake.  I was astonished how our experiences always come full circle.  I was asked about this bologna cake in the last couple of months and now I am recognizing a line in the movie that mentions bologna cake.

Basically it’s flavored cream cheese that is spread between slices of bologna.  You “frost” the cake on the sides with cream cheese and decorate it what items like black olives sun-dried tomatoes or parsley to give it visual interest.   It actually looks like a small cake with vanilla frosting on it.

Some people I have spoken to about it were disgusted by the words bologna cake, but if most people are honest – some like bologna fried between two pieces of white bread.  I stared thinking about how ingenious it was to take such an inexpensive meat and turn it into something else that was better than its singular part.

There are many appetizers where cream cheese is wrapped with ham or where ham or salami is chopped into small chunks and combined with cream cheese.  Then it is turned into a ball during the holidays so people could spread it on crackers.   The idea of this bologna cake was not an alien one .

I began thinking about it as an extremely casual southern version of “pâté” that you would spread on a cracker or piece of toast ;  with that idea in mind I set out to make a bologna cake.

I used beef bologna and seasoned the cream cheese with store bought seasoning packs such as ranch dressing powder.  I also experimented by adding crispy fried French’s onions  between the slices of meat and I grated onions into the cheese to flavor it.

I first made it for a group of friends and I introduced it as a beef pâté with herbed cheese and people liked it a lot.  Of course I did get questions about why it looked like a cake and what type of meat was in it but all of it added to its uniqueness and how can they make one at home.  Instead of it being called bologna cake perhaps we should call it southern beef pâté  with herbed cheese or you can name it what ever else you may want.  This is definitely a conversation piece at any party and fun to make with kids.  For the  recipe please click here.


Kitchen notes:

1- This is great for a tailgating party or a casual get together.

2-  Use Oscar Mayer beef bologna or turkey bologna.

3- This is a kid friendly recipe that requires no special equipment to make.

4-  Serve the bologna cake with sturdy crackers.


4 Responses to “Sweet home Alabama & bologna cake”
  1. Donna says:

    Ugh! I love your recipes and try most of them but I think you this one is really not your caliber. I won’t be making this one.

  2. Matthew says:

    I think it’s obvious this is not an “eat ever day” recipe. It’s just a fun recipe. I have not made this but I am planning on bringing it to an office holiday party.

  3. sophie d says:

    I think this is very funny. I am sure the WGN segment people loved you being there.

  4. handel Santiago says:

    I saw your segment on WGN TV Chicago! Priceless. Sohpistimicated…..I love it.

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