Brookhaven Patch News

Writer Laura Haas from the Patch wrote an article about our soon to open restaurant. Thank you Laura!

Our Ceiling is installed

It took over 6 hours but the two guys installing the dry wall on the ceiling finished.


Now it is starting to feel like a dinning room.


Things are going along without any problems and I like it that way.

Our Bar is installed at Union Hill Kitchen

I do hope the residents of Chamblee Ga, enjoy a good wine or hand crafted cocktail. Our bar had been installed and I have been experimenting with cocktail recipes for the past several months.


We decided to use a stain paint on the newly built bar. My father said he wanted to help and was excited to pick up a brush. He is 84 years old. He is doesn’t drink but I appreciated the time I spent with him putting the first coat of stain paint on the bar.




Union Hill Kitchen’s 50% approval inspection passed.

I’ve been nervous about having the city inspectors come by and inspect the wall, electric and plumbing “rough in”. We passed without my issues.


Our ceilings are installed on the kitchen and and after seven months of darkness and no lights – we finally have light in our kitchen.


I feel accomplished at this moment. To the point that today I am going to relax.


Now the walls are up and they need to be tapped and mudded before the primer and paint goes on the walls.


A break from work: laughing with Tony Tripole

This past week I went to a benefit at Blake’s on the Park in Atlanta and met Tony Tripoli. He is one of the stars of “Joan & Melissa: Joan knows best?” He is a funny comedian and one of the writers for E Television’s hit show “Fashion Police”.


My mother and father were with me and they had a blast. Tony Tripole was funny and I was amazed at the mastery he had over his craft.



With all the work I have been doing trying to open the restaurant, menu design, costing of items, finalizing interior design ideas – it was nice to have a chuckle with my parents.

Flower bins are painted

A few weeks ago we planted these containers that we purchased from the Feed Store. It provides a nice pause point visually while sitting in the bar.



Now we’ve painted the with an ecru oil paint to blend in with the building.


Once the flowers bloom they will be the perfect greeting for my clients.