Breaking concrete @ Union Hill Kitchen

Construction is coming along slowly but surely. We had to cut the concrete floors in the restaurant to accommodate our grease traps. The City of Chamblee seem anxious for us to open our doors but with anything that us worthwhile, it takes time to execute correctly. Now they have to dig out almost ten inches […]

Smoked Pork

This Weekend my father asked if I would smoke some pork – Cuban style. We cut some rosemary and used the rosemary as a bed for the pork. The pork received a little bit of the scent of the rosemary. There is something special about cooking with your family that is stressful and memorable at […]

Vodka Infusions Strawberry & Lemon

I’ve been experimenting with infusing vodkas with the flavors and scents of summer. Some fresh strawberries and lemon rind will be a great summer vodka strawberry lemonade at Union Hill Kitchen. Take 12 strawberries remove the stems and quarter them. You should have about 2 cups. Add the strawberries and the rind of one lemon […]