Planting containers at Union Hill Kitchen

Outside our restaurant doors we planted several containers with rosemary and other flowering shrubs. It sets off the path by our front door and provides some privacy as well.

Union Hill Kitchen’s walls have started being built

After a very slow start, the top of the morning begins with the guys framing out the walls in the kitchen. It feels like we are going some where now. This view is from our kitchen.

Union Hill Kitchen’s phone is installed.

Not much cooking going on here today, but our new phone line at the restaurant is being installed.

Union Hill Kitchen building permit has been approved.

  Since January 28th 2012, I have tried to get all the required permits approved from Dekalb county and the City of   Chamblee.  After many rejections and re-submittals, today I received the coveted “yellow construction paper”, aka building permit.  I proudly placed it on the window and took a sigh.  The path to this […]

Mini Strawberry pies

  Our kitchen garden has begun to have its first harvest of strawberries.  I am making some mini strawberry pies to celebrate the arrival of our red friends. You can buy a store-bought graham cracker crust and follow my steps below.  In this version I purchased the mini store-bought cracker crust.    You can also purchase […]

New life for the classic meatloaf

I have been experimenting with classic recipes and giving them a contemporary twist. I made this meatloaf in a cake pan with laminated dough balls on top to soak up the sauce. I think it’s pretty interesting.