Make ahead quick & easy bread pudding

  I am having a couple of friends over dinner tonight.  My friend Debbie, David and Berna are going to enjoy one of my typical Sunday night dinners at my house.  It’s very casual and very easy. This recipe resulted from using excess sliced toasted french bread that I was using for dinner a week […]

Quick easy Union Hill Kitchen pudding scented with anise

  As the Executive chef of Union Hill Restaurant Group in Atlanta, I enjoy experimenting with classic recipes and adding a bit of what I have learned from home cooks or from my travels and of course from my kitchen journals, where I meticulously keep all my cooking notes. This is a do ahead recipe […]

Sweet home Alabama & bologna cake

Someone asked me if I had a good recipe for Bologna cake.  I told this person that I would love to share one of my recipes with them but I had no idea nor have I ever heard of something called Bologna cake.  I was not sure if it was a dessert or if it […]

Bologna cake or beef pate with herbed cheese

  This was inspired from watching Sweet Home Alabama.  It’s a fun conversation piece at a picnic or tailgating party.  It’s a fun recipe that should be accepted for what it is… Here is my basic recipe.     1 lb of Oscar Myer beef bologna 16 oz of cream cheese softened 4 tablespoons of […]

Views from the Great Wall!

One of the obligatory things one needs to do when traveling to Beijing, is to climb the Great Wall.  It is truly an amazing piece of architecture and history to see with your own eyes.  Some people in China say you are not a full man or a full woman unless you have climbed it […]