My portable frying pan

  Today I stopped to fill my gas tank at a Pilot gas station in Tennessee.  While I was buying a bottle of Fiji water and some nuts, I saw this portable 12 volt frying pan.  What I like about these type of gas stations is that since this type of station caters to many […]

Our Restaurant Garden has been planted

We have begun planting our Union Hill Kitchen gardens. I will be able to grab freshly pulled herbs, tomatoes, figs and lettuces.

Glaad Gala Atlanta

I will be cooking for the Glaad Gala in Atlanta on October 6th.  It is an honor to be cooking for this event.  The night promises to be a star-studded evening.  Kettle One Vodka drinks will be featured that evening and the cast from the Vampire Diaries will be there as well as other celebrities. […]

Hong Kong in 48 Hours

I am in Hong Kong today and it is an amazing city that left me with my mouth – wide open.  Between 1950 – 1997 it was under British rule.  The island began as a small fishing village, it later became an important strategic military outpost and has become one of the world top 10 […]

All of Asia in one restaurant – Staits Kitchen in Singapore

    While staying at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore, I had dinner at a restaurant called Straits Kitchen.  It’s a very high-end buffet style dinner that has all the local foods under one roof.  If you want to get a taste of what Singapore has to offer and don’t want to set out into […]

Singapore in 36 hours part II

Singapore has 2 restaurants that have been named Top 50 restaurants in the World.  One of them is Iggy’s in Singapore and is #28 on the list for 2009-2010 and in 2010-2011 The Miele Guide Asia’s  named it their Number One Restaurant. The owner Ignatius Chan breaks conventional culinary styles and perceptions about Asian/European food.  […]

Meeting friends in Singapore.

  I have been in Singapore for the last 3 days and in those three days I have had lots of fun exploring this wonderful city and all it has to offer. One of the great things about traveling is that at times the universe throws something out at you and you are happy to […]

Singapore in 36 hours Part 1

I had the opportunity to visit Singapore recently.  It is an amazing city to eat and shop. It is pristine, safe, and boy do those people know how to cook.  The first day I arrived I headed out to do some touristy activities instead of starting to visit restaurants and chefs. I towed my camera […]

Taking a detour might be a good idea

        I am on my way home to Atlanta from a weekend at my farm.  It is always dreamy there for me.  The fog rolls in unannounced many times but I accept it as normal.  I sat on the porch and watched the fog meander into the valley while sipping some very […]

Grilled corn with spicy lime butter

  During the hot summer months when corn is at its peak in flavor, I like to make this lazy side dish.  Everyone at gatherings enjoys this dish and even the most inexperienced cook make this and look like a rock star.  I make the Spicy lime butter the day before and who doesn’t like […]