Top ten tips for Grilling this summer.

      Nothing else says summer has arrived like grilling outside!   Whether you grill by gas, fire or wood there is nothing like a gooey cheese burger that’s being finished off on the grill.   Another aspect I like about grilling is that you don’t heat up your house or dirty pans in […]

Strawberries, Honey and Cream

 Ingredients:  1 pint fresh ripe strawberries cut in half and stems removed. 1/4 cup of honey 3/4 butter milk 1/4 heavy cream Preparation:  Evenly divide the strawberries in four bowls. Take the honey and pour over each of the bowls and then pour the milks evenly into the bowls.

Great buys at a thrift store.

  One of the things I enjoy in my monthly routine is making trips to the local second-hand stores in Atlanta or Indiana.  I go there to find anything that I might be able to use for dinner parties such as  vases, candle holders, plates cups, glasses and serving dishes. I look for anything that […]